As a curvy woman, I have experienced the ups and downs of not being satisfied with finding outfits to suit my body shape that I actually like! My goal is to help stop this from happening to my fellow curvettes by giving guidance and knowledge that is relatable and most importantly, useful. 

Growing up, I was much taller, broader and heavier than friends my age and I struggled to come to terms with the fact the current fashion trends didn’t quite suit my body shape. Instead of letting it taint my love for fashion, I decided I would adapt and dress to suit my specific body shape and how I wanted to look. 


With a determination to help promote positive body image and body diversity in the fashion industry, I decided to become a curve model.During my time as a model, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with household names such as Target and Myer who also share the same passion for creating stylish clothing for curvy women. In doing so, I have been able to develop an even broader knowledge of styles and cuts to pass on to my gorgeous curvy clients.