Brava Baby!

Ok ladies, I am so excited to share this one with you. I found the most magical of all magical places! A place where you can be sure your giggly, wiggly bits are praised with love and whisked in to only the most fabulous materials and designs around. A place where there is no room for body shame or judgement because there is just so much amazingness happening, you’ll be forced to leave your worries at the door. I’m taking about the one and only bra heaven, Brava Lingerie.

Recently, I was invited through my friends at Wacoal, for a delightful 'bloggers breaky' at one of their biggest stockist's in Melbourne, Brava lingerie. I quickly found myself in bra heaven, surrounded by a huge array of stupendous brands, colours and shapes, all made for women of all shapes and sizes! *faints Best of all, they stock swimwear! Swimwear that not only flatters and supports curves but also LOOK GOOD too! I know….this is something you only hear elves with hidden secrets speak of, but you will find them sitting sweetly in store at Brava! My favourite is the Elomi essential firm control swimsuit because it hold everything in place and makes you feel absolutely fabulous!

If this doesn't show how much I love Elomi Swim, then I'm not sure what would!

So, after checking out the range, I took one for the team and decided I’d try on the whole shop just so I could let my lovely readers and clients know all about it! Well, maybe not the WHOLE shop but most of it...I was assisted by the bubbly, knowledgeable and absolutely gorgeous ‘boobsperts’ who assessed my shape, listened to what I liked and didn’t like, and best of all, gave me an honest and individualised opinion, something I find invaluable and hard to come by when shopping.

Having a ball in the Brava store!

To my absolute delight, I found a very sexy set by Freya (yes, undies too!) that were not only extremely comfortable but also super sexy!

Me, wearing the oh, so sexy Freya 'Fancies' set.

Brava's Story

Brava, the feminine of ‘Bravo’ with a very suitable and powerful meaning of celebrating a woman. Brava was created in 2006 by an inspiring mother, daughter team, Lin and Maxine who both found they just couldn’t find decent lingerie to fit their ‘bigger than average’ sized busts! Fed up with having next to zero options with styles and colours, these inspirational women set out to defeat the odds and start their own lingerie business. Talk about WOMAN POWER! Lin and Maxine are also extremely passionate about positive body image and pride themselves on ensuring all Brava customers are treated individually and walk away feeling better about their lingerie than when they walked in!


Meeting Lin, Maxine at the Brava Breaky

Well, much to their credit, I walked away feeling confident, excited and ready to find a fabulous new outfit to match my fabulous new lingerie set. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Bravo, BRAVA!