Curvy Swimwear

Seeing as though we are on the glorious theme of Summer at the moment and how amazing it will be this year (especially with your new Bandelette's), I want to introduce you to one of my favourite plus size swimwear brands. The super sexy and Australian, Curvy Swimwear.

Crossover One Piece

Sexy right?! Apart from looking absolutely fab, they hold all your giggly bits in place and won't ride up your bottom because the ladies who design these incredible pieces know all about curvy obstacles and have come up with great ways to avoid them from happening! Best of all, their sizing is extremely diverse, ranging from a sexy size 10 to a saucy size 30. Woweeeee! I think I just lost my breath from all the awesomeness floating around!

Sexy plus size clothing (or as I prefer to call 'curvy clothing') is still a fairly new industry that is coming at us like a magical fuller figured fairy. Just to reflect, I remember living in Queensland when I was a teen and going swimwear shopping with my dearly patient mumma bear and not being able to find one single slightly trendy swimsuit to fit my round gawky bod bod. You can only image how this made me feel and how I started to view my lumps and bumps which at the time, refused to squish in to the vibrant floral bikinis all my little friends were wearing! We ended up at good old Target (bless their cotton socks) and purchasing a lovely mauve one piece...from the maternity

So! Now I've shared yet another horror story of how terrible it has been at times trying to find plus size clothing over the last decade, feel free to share yours (via the comment box below) or better yet, just buy yourself a damn pair of sexilicous Curvy Swimwear this year because YOU DESERVE IT!

You can thank me later.

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