4 Curvy Activewear Brands I Heart

I've been speaking to a lot of women recently about their current gym gear situation and how it makes them feel when they're working out... Now, I have to tell you, their stories have sounded pretty dire so far! One woman told me her work out gear made her feel so frumpy that after attempting to go to the gym, she ended up getting so upset, she didn't end up going at all!

I can honestly say, I have felt this pain before and we're all commenting on the same thing - there's a serious lack of choice and knowledge when it comes to plus size sportswear and this HAS to change.

Fitness is super trendy at the moment and there's no better time to jump on the band wagon and reap the benefits of a happy and healthy lifestyle while looking absolutely fabulous at the same time!

So, to help eradicate this problem for my frustrated curvy gals, I've listed 4 of my favourite plus size sports wear brands and a mini review which will hopefully, help solve this crazy problem once and for all. So, there's no excuse not to get your gorgeous curvy butts to the gym in style now! #ahhhhmazing

Rainbeu Curves Now, this one is fun! Spice up your life with some wild designs and cropped tops. For those of you who aren't afraid to 'show em what you've got'! The San Fransisco brand ships world wide and inspires women to wear what they love with absolutely no exceptions. Live a little and check out their range - you won't be disappointed!

Mums 'N Fitness Wear

Mums 'N Fitness Wear is a brand that's close to my heart. This inspiring mum created her sportswear line because she got sick of wearing gym clothes that didn't feel comfortable. So, she decided to create her own and sell them to other mums! Her cleverly designed leggings don't fall down your bum, create a seamless look and best of all, are super sexy! A must have in your fitness wardrobe.

Iowanna Australia

Iowanna's funky designs will really get you pumping for the gym! I love the cuts of their tops as they're not only extremely feminine but they've also allowed for a little extra material to help you feel super confident! #genius


Sonsee is my new lady crush! I absolutely love the sophistication of each style and I've even been inspired to get out the old 'tum tum' in one of their sexy crop top styles! #hottotrot

Website Links

Rainbeu Curves https://www.rainbeau.com/

Mums 'N Fitness Wear https://www.mumsnfitnesswear.com.au

Iowanna Australia http://www.lowannaaustralia.com

Sonsee https://sonseewoman.com/collections/activewear