Ok ladies, summer is around the corner...pretty dresses, longer days and warm summer nights! But, before we get too carried away, let's tackle the big red summer elephant in the room. I've had it, you've had it, your best friend has had it and sometimes, it's so painful, you can hardily walk out your front door!

For some, it varies from a slight red rash to horrible bleeding blisters! OUCH! I remember when I was growing up how painful it was waddling home from the beach like a 70 year old cowboy manchild and refused to never ever ever touch thighs again! #Ohthepain! Sound familiar?

That's right, I'm talking about our unwanted and very persistent friend 'Chafey McChafe' aka 'inner thigh chafing'...

You've probably tried all the creams and powders offered on the market, claiming to be 'anti chafing' or 'friction free' but let's all just cut to the chafe and realise that the best solution is having a VERY CLEAR BOUNDARY between your chummy thigh buddies to avoid this agonising experience. I'm happy to announce, today is your lucky day because I have discovered a fool proof product that will forever change your rubby, chubby summer days in to easy breezy, pain free, sexy delights. "But where do I possibly find such a thing?!" *insert excited voice of eager curvy woman Well, they are just one click and a couple of shipping days away! YAY!

'Bandelettes' are an ingenious, slip free (and very pretty) thigh band that will literally change your life. This is where I say 'THANK YOU FOR EXISTING' and 'GIVE ME 45 PAIRS PLEASE'! You can wear them under your favourite dress, at work, around the house or even for something a little more 'saucy' for the bedroom! Reoowwww! Look how confident and fabulous these ladies look on the US runway! #hot

Now, here's the best part! The surprise I promised you all...Bandelettes want to give all Curvy Consulting readers a super special discount so everyone can look forward to feeling absolutely fabulous every single day. Rain, hail or shine! Amazing right?! All you have to do is click the link below and sign your life away. Kidding... Head to their website below to view their full range, choose your Bandelette and redeem your exclusive discount! Easy peasy. Don't forget to tell your friends too! Discount code: CURVY