Your Little Black Dress

I truly believe, every woman needs an LBD.

For those of you who think it’s a mysterious acronym for something you might catch from the guy you met at the local bar, LBD simply stands for ‘Little Black Dress’. That’s it ladies. Nothing more, nothing less. This little baby will be your life long best friend and moral support for every occasion for now and forever more. Dress her up, dress her down, she doesn't care. All she wants is to make sure you are feeling fabulous when you are not feeling your best. Amazing, right?!

In reality, as normal 'femaley females', we all have our ‘off’ moments and while I encourage positive body image and self love, it’s sometimes unavoidable to have days where you’re not feeling your foxiest. This is where your bestie steps in and gives you a big hug with her cotton/polyester arms that completely changes your mood and pushes you out that front door like a fierce curvy beast!

Well….Maybe not a beast, but you get the gist. Your LBD is your fool proof, tantrum free key to life and ensuring she is hanging up, washed and ready to go at the last minute is exactly what every girl needs!

So, where on earth do you possibly find this magical creature, you might ask? That, my friends is where I step in. Let me help you find your very best and truest friend that will change your life forever. All it takes is a little research and a bit of trial and error. Trust me, your life will be changed instantly! Start your search now by checking out some of the sexy selections I’ve listed below from some of my most favourite plus size Aussie retailers. Start thinking about what cuts and styles make you feel absolutely fabulous. NB: Your LBD doesn't have to be black, but being a universal shade, you'll find it's easier to adapt your look for specific occasions.

My Picks: City Chic - Retro Chic Dress Taking Shape - Twilight Luna Dress ​ Autograph - Alison Dominy Angel Dress (Dark Purple)

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