5 Tips For A Disaster Free Shopping Day

I’d usually start with one of those opening lines such as ‘when I grew up I could never find clothes that fit me and ended up walking out of the stores crying... ’But in this case, even though that statement is true, I'm grown up and it doesn’t seem as though much has changed when it comes to shopping for clothes. Until last year, I absolutely dreaded shopping! Even though I love fashion, I got so fed up with always walking away in a terrible mood that it inspired me to create a business to help women with this problem!

Curvy Consulting From my experience, I can now safely say most women whether they're slim, curvy, tall, or Martian shaped, walk away feeling less than excited when they finish their shopping sprees and this has to stop! To help eradicate this problem, I have put together 5 very important tips that have saved my relationship with shopping and hope for every woman to feel empowered and inspired when it comes to fashion rather than having traumatic shopping experiences that leave them rocking in the corner.

1. Don’t go when Aunt Flow is visiting! This one is number 1 for a reason. You may THINK you want to take your overly sensitive, bloated butt off to the shops to find those sassy pair of jeans but this is a recipe for disaster! Remember last time you tried this? Yeah…I thought so… BACK AWAY FROM THE STORE NOW!

2. Choose Wisely No, I’m not talking about choosing the right top to go with that skirt you bought last winter but never wear – I’m talking about the right kind of FRIEND! This is critical to your super shopping success. The trick is, to choose someone who is patient, has an attention span of longer than 3 seconds. Most importantly, choose someone who will be brutally honest with you when you look like a moon walker in those silver jeans will still lovingly pep you up when needed! This kind of friend might be hard to find but it is #important and #invaluable!

3. Be KIND to Yourself I know this might seem like a ‘dah’ moment but it’s important to remember to be kind to yourself when searching for your new wardrobe. Focus on what suits YOUR body shape, not what you saw the model in the magazine wearing in Vogue the other day. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

4. Do Your Hair and Make Up Look, it’s no shock to anyone when I say THE LIGHTS IN THE SHOPS ARE OUT TO GET YOU! I seriously don’t know how shop owners expect to sell clothes when they install those harsh fluorescent down lights that somehow highlight all the lumps and bumps when stripping down to your granny pannies! It happens to EVERYONEEEE.

The fact is, you can’t change the lighting but you can do everything in your power to make sure you look and feel absolutely fabulous before entering in to the bright abyss.

5. Wear something SMART Sometimes, I feel as though I’ve run a small marathon after trying on an afternoon’s worth of clothing! To make it a little easier for yourself, try these simple things when getting dressed before going on your shopping adventure. Be Easy Breezy Wear something simple and relaxed so you can slip it on and off easily such as a maxi dress or an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It's All About The Shoes Darling! Check your pedometer next time you go shopping. It’s mind boggling how many steps you clock up on an afternoon at Chaddy. You don’t have to go to the extreme of borrowing your grandma’s Velcro Hush Puppies but be sure to wear shoes you can walk around in for hours without feeling like your feet are going to explode.

I understand this may seem like A LOT of information and preparation for something as simple as going shopping but I tell you now my friends, if you stick to these 5 simple tips you’ll be sure to walk out of the store feeling like Cher from Clueless rather than Selma from the Simpsons!

Amelia x