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Oxygen Facials I’m 27 and my skin is starting to get old. Yes, I know what you’re thinking - 27 is hardily ‘old’ but whether I like it or not, my skin is starting to show its age I’ve had to start thinking about how I can reduce this process as much as possible in a natural and loving way. Admittedly, I’ve been blessed with wonderful genetics (thanks mum) but I can't help but see those little lines creep up on me when checking myself out in my rear view mirror...

My Skin Journey:

3 months ago, I was lucky enough to meet Vicky from Better Body Beauty who has taken me on a very interesting skin care journey. When I had my first consultation, Vicky told me “from a French skincare perspective your skin breaks down faster than it can rebuild after the age of 25”. This was news to me and I realised I had to start looking after my skin seriously. I also learned it takes 3months for collagen (the underneath part of your skin) to make new collagen so, I decided to wait 3 months to share this blog with you so I could give you real life feedback as to how I think Oxygen Facials have helped me. As you can see below - Vicky looks #ahhhmazing and that's enough for me to lap up every wise word she has to say regarding all things 'skin'!

Vicky looking fabulous with her glowing skin

What is an Oxygen Facial? If you haven’t already had one before, an Oxygen Facial is a skin care treatment which penetrates serums to the deeper layers of your skin through a continuous stream of oxygen from a special machine. #supercool Your skin gets ‘fed’ vitamins, antioxidants, peptides (proteins that rebuild your skin) and hyaluronic acid – and before you freak out, that's just a fancy word for something that deeply moisturises your skin!

Me getting my monthly Oxygen Facial Having a regular facial is a great way to maintain healthy skin but Vicky is also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about educating people on good skin routines for home. Using 'clean' products will not only help support your treatments but will also strengthen areas of your skin you may not have thought about. Noticeable Changes: -My skin is now hydrated and plump -My make up doesn’t dry up in my crease lines (they aren't there anymore!) - I have less hormonal breakouts in my problem areas -I’m using less product on my skin because it’s hydrated -My skin feels absolutely fabulous Vicky is so passionate about helping everyone on their skin journey and has offered a one time SPECIAL for my spunky readers so you can try an Oxygen Facial and see the difference yourselves! #YAY

My before and after Use the code: CURVYAMELIA to receive a one time offer $90 Oxygen Facial (valued at $150) But wait! There's more... When you refer a friend you will receive 10% off your next booking So, you have no excuse now. Treat yo' self and get an Oxygen Facial because YOU DESERVE IT! Offer Expires: 31st August 2017 Exclusively at Better Body Beauty.

http://www.betterbody.net.au Vicky: 0427719889 Instagram: @betterbody1