Ahhhhh Glorious Mt Buller.... Only a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ away from Melbourne city, the mountain is easily accessible and will quickly charm you with its cute little village vibe. I’ve always loved to ski and have worked quite hard on improving my skills with lessons and lots of practice but I realised, I wanted more and decided to explore what the mountain had to offer this time round.

Snow Play Tour Did you know the mountain views from Mt Buller are older than some of the most famous views in Europe?! #thanksfortheinfodad After learning this, I decided to book myself in to a ski free snow tour to really take in the beautiful surroundings and learn a little more about the land I call home. I actually had no idea what to expect on this tour – I assumed it would be less exciting than skiing (because I’m obsessed) but to my delight, it was exactly what I needed to 'switch off' from the busy world.

An incredible morning view of the snow covered forrest during my Snow Play Tour. If you look closely, you can see some little animal tracks to the right of the photo! #cute!

Beautiful Mt Stirling in the background.

The incredible views on the Sterling track took my breath away…possibly because I need to work on my cardio but surprisingly enough, the special snowshoes Snow Play Tour provided made it so much easier to walk in the snow - almost like walking on solid ground!

The snow shoes make it very easy to walk and enjoy the views.

You can choose short tours or longer ones that go for the whole day – there is definitely something for everyone.

Breathtaker Resort Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a serial pest when it comes to trying to relax. I just can’t seem to sit still! Having said this, I also realize it is imperative to have some ‘R&R’ every now and then which is why I insisted on having one with my ‘bestie' this time round. It was my first time at Breathtaker spa and I was quite looking forward to seeing what made them so special. The space was open and warm with a cozy modern feel. My eyes quickly focused on the bubbling spa which was looking out to a fluffy winter wonderland. The feeling of the warm water surrounding my body forced me surrender to the calming serenity.

Sitting by the spa at Breathtaker. After spending a glorious half an hour in the spa, we were taken to a relaxation room to have our neck and back massages.

A double massage with my 'bestie', Lisa!

Overall, Breathtaker really lived up to its name and was a deeply tranquil place to soothe my sore skiing muscles! As I always say, treat yourself because you deserve it! Be sure to book ahead because it understandably, gets very busy.

Plus Snow Gear I've recently discovered, it is quite tricky to make cold look cool and wearing cotton pleather jeans to the snow gives you thighsicles…

I’ve loved the snow for many years and each year, I plan a trip to my favourite mountain with a burst of excitement but then realise I have to start the battle to search high and low for quality gear that fits my bootalicious bowdayyyy... #thesehipsdontlie But, finally, I've found somewhere to find snow gear that actually stock larger styles and sizes! Best of all, if you’re time poor like me, Plus Snow Gear does all the hard work for you by selecting quality brands and designs that fit curvatious bodies AND cater for men too! #shockhorror #ahmazing

I find that snow gear can be a little daggy but was pleased when trying on the jackets and pants from Plus Snow. Even though I tried quite a few different brands, the quality and styles were consistent and flattering to my shape. They didn't make me feel like a giant snow man or as though I was wearing really thick plastic bags... Best of all, the snow pants were long and wide enough to fit my hips without making me feel as though I was slowing suffocating and could move comfortably all day.

Feeling very snug and wearing my favourite colour!

You can check out Plus Snow’s full range at:

Private Ski/Board Lessons I have one piece of advice when it comes to learning to ski... INVEST IN A PRIVATE LESSON! Lessons on the mountain are not mandatory but I tell you now, the improvement and confidence you get from having a specialist focus on your skills is priceless and it certainly helps you from going home injury free and without a broken limb! #spendthepennies I booked myself in to a private lesson and met my instructor outside the ski school. After a quick chair lift to the top of Burke Street (a great run to practice without fearing for your life) we did an initial run down so my instructor could have a look at my existing technique. I soon discovered I had picked up a bad habit and had started turning my shoulders towards the side of the mountain! #abigskiingnono

After my lesson, I had plenty to work on and graduated to intermediate/‘Possum level’… which suits me well because possums are cute and don’t run in to trees! I was amazed at how quickly I improved after just one hour and could spend the rest of the time practicing what I had learnt. #socool You can organize your private lesson through Mt Buller Ski School at: Australian Sled Dog Tours OH EM GEE the snow doggies! Every single one of the dogs are gorgeous and love running! Have you ever seen a dog go absolutely berserk over the W.A.L.K word? Well, times that by 100 and THAT is how excited they all get when they are told they're going on a run! #happychaos It made my heart so happy to hear that 60% of the dogs were rescue dogs and live a very happy and healthy life together.

Having a cuddle with one of the pups! The tour started with an introduction to the little puppies (who weren't old enough to take people for runs yet) and a brief explanation of how to ‘steer’ the sled. When you step on the breaks, it pulls on the leads gently so they dogs know when to slow down. #veryclever I was a little nervous to control the sled alone but as you can see in the photo, I gave it a good crack and ended up absolutely loving it!

Very excited to steer alone! When we came back from the run, the dogs were taken back to their spots to relax and we were able to give them more cuddles before we left. It was truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced and made me feel as though I was in Alaska! I was also lucky enough for it to have started snowing while I was on the sled! #magicalmoment

Perfect for the whole family!

You can book your tour at:

Winter's not over yet and it doesn't have to be a time where you're stuck inside, bored out of your brains! Make sure you take advantage of what our beautiful country has to offer and go and visit the mountain. You won't regret it!