The Perfect Sculpt - Seamless High Waist

The Perfect Sculpt

Seamless High Waist

You may have heard me mention it before but I am absolutely OBSESSED with anything seamless. Seamless dresses, seamless bras, seamless name it!

From an early age, I’ve always felt uncomfortable wearing anything that digs in to my squishy bits because it just made me feel frumpy and restricted.

I just really enjoy wearing a clothes without any unwanted ‘pokey outy’ bits and I have a feeling a lot of women share this same view!

So, I have made it my personal mission to find seamless undergarments for not just my own fashion pleasure but for all of you who have been battling through the underclothing horrors for too long.

But, have no fear. The Perfect Sculpt is here!

The ‘Seamless High Waist’ will be your new wardrobe bestie! It can be worn under your jeans, skirts, dresses or anything you want to feel more comfortable in.

One of the major differences I found when testing this product is the ‘irritation free’ material. I can’t stand being stuck under 3million layers of seam free goodness and then realize I’m being subtly stabbed in the buttocks by a pesky little tag! #worstnightmare My ‘before and after’ says it all! #triedandtested

The light weight nylon/spandex material has a 100% cotton lining and a 4-way stretch comfort, providing just enough support for some of that extra ‘tummy control’ we’re all looking for without cutting off your air supply! The waistband goes high enough to help reduce that pesky ‘roll down’ action and covers your entire derrière! #ahhhmazing

Best of all, The Perfect Sculpt sizing is extremely generous, offering S –XXL (see sizing chart below) and shipping is super quick!

You can pair the black with your favourite black bra for a sexier, sleek look and have the beige as a foolproof basic to go under pretty much anything!

So, what are you waiting for girl?! You can’t go wrong when you find comfortable, good quality shapewear for under $20! #youcanthankmelater *insert winky face


The Perfect Sculpt Sizing Chart