Curvy Amelia Goes To Derby Day

Derby Day 2017 I went to Derby Day this year and what a stupendous day it was! The sun was shining and the air was fresh with eager punter breath. I felt as though I just walked off a 1960’s Hollywood movie set wearing my very elegant Vivienna Lorikeet dress, my Marilyn Monroe inspired make up and handmade 'Edie' hat. I’ve always loved any excuse to get dressed up and mingle with people so, I decided to treat myself and go to The Precinct Area of the Flemington Racecourse Spring Racing Carnival.

Traditionally, Derby Day fashion is black and white so, I decided to go 'all out' and organise each element of my outfit this year. This is how I did it... Rachel Tyler Hair and Make Up Artistry @rachel.hmua Finding someone to do your make up for a special event seems to always look so much more polished and professional and best of all, you don't have to worry about doing it myself! Even though I have performed my whole life, I have had to learn how to apply adequate looking make up but even though I have had years of practice, I am certainly not qualified in makeup artistry and tend to end up in quite a fluff when doing so! I always find myself smudging my eyeliner (and not in the sexy way) or wonkily applying my lip liner and ending up in an absolute state before wiping it all off and starting again! When speaking to the lovely Rachel Taylor, I wanted to match my classic white dress with a bold lip and winged eye but still keeping it understated and felt I was certainly going to test Rachel’s skills with this one!

Admittedly, I was slightly worried with my choice because I have always been taught that ‘you either have a bold lip or a bold eye’ but Rachel took my inspiration and created a look specifically for my features and I was able to fully put my trust in her creative abilities and sit back and relax! The overall look took just one hour to complete and I felt like a movie star when leaving the house!

If you would like to book in with Rachel, you can contact her via Instagram or Facebook. RT Hair and Make Up

Vivienna Lorikeet ‘Be My Sweetheart’ Dress @viviennalorikeet When shopping for an outfit for an event, it is worth it’s weight in gold to go to a specialist designer who has spent hours of focused time constructing garments with comfort, sophistication, structure and quality in mind – something you will not find in your every day dress store. Now, you may have seen my last blog on Vivienna Lorikeet featuring some of the different services and gowns the boutique has to offer but I just HAD to share more about my favourite dress which I ended up wearing to Derby Day. When first discovering Vivienna Lorikeet, I was most excited to learn of the wide range of sizes available which include their exclusive plus size range. #getexcitedladies

The original dress was designed with a halter neck and although I loved the look of the halter, I knew from past experience (bather’s mostly) that the strap would eventually take its toll on my poor neck… I think my bust weighs something similar to an equivalent to two large watermelons! #bigboobprobs

At my fitting with Vivienna.

I also wanted those pesky little fleshy side bits just next to my underarm - a problem I find with a lot of strappy dresses - covered so I didn’t have to worry about them popping out and saying and unwelcomed ‘hello’ on the big day. Having said all this, Vienna happily took everything on board and suggested we alter the dress so the bust support came from a cross back rather than a halter and move the straps over to cover my little ‘pit bits’! #genius

You can view Vivienna’s full range in store or on their website.​

Lauder Taylor Millinery Millinery and Masks @laudertaylormillinery A spring racing outfit is never complete without some sort of glorious millinery! I left the planning for this one to last minute but when contacting Chantelle in a panic, the very talented designer and milliner of Lauder Taylor Millinery, knew exactly which piece would complete my outfit! I ended up wearing 'Edie', a hand stitched vintage Rucello braided hat inspired by Dior! I instantly fell in love! I knew this would absolutely compliment my outfit and was so very 'me'.

I was also quite excited by the fact 'Edie' was going to have my back and cover me from the harsh Melbourne sun during the day. I tend to burn very easily and being kept cool from the slanted brim helped keep my make up on! #bonus As well as making amazing millinery, Lauder Taylor Millinery can also create masks for your next masked ball! #ineedtofindonetogotonow Lauder Taylor stocks millinery online and at selected boutiques around Melbourne. Although, it seems there were quite a few things to organise for the day, it was easy breezy because of the professional services I chose to work with which in turn meant I could enjoy the planning rather than stressing out about the small things. My overall advice for these events would be to spend the money and try not to cut corners when planning for something special.

If you’re working within a budget, just pick and choose the services, which are most important to you, as it will make your experience a lot more special and enjoyable in the long run.