Sonsee Woman

SONSEE Woman Recently, I was asked to model for Sonsee, and got an amazing insight in to their existing and NEW range of products! Much to my delight I didn’t have any ‘how much more skin bits can I squeeze in to this sausage casing’ moments and can confidently tell you, every single product from Sonsee Woman is 100% ‘curve friendly’!

Sonsee Shapewear Shorts High Back Comfort Bra

Now, most people know that unless the dress has inbuilt shapewear, I never go out without something holding my jiggly wiggly bits in! Shapewear gives me that extra boost of confidence and is truly my secret weapon to feeling amazing every time I go out. Having said that, it can be tricky because I refuse to wear anything that’s remotely uncomfortable! So, trust me when I tell you – these products are all extraordinary and I personally wear them ALL the time. NEW Anti-Chafing Shorts Sonsee Woman is proud to announce their latest addition to their delightful Italian family – The ‘Anti Chafing Shorts’. #welcomesister “Shapewear that smooths all the way from under your bustto just above your knee!” Sonsee

Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts

I was so excited to talk about this product because I know how many people suffer from chafe - including myself! I’ve received hundreds of emails in the past from women of all shapes and sizes asking me what anti-chafing products I use and I’ve found it quite hard to recommend products that can be worn all day and not suffocate you at the same time. SO, WHY do I love these ones so much? The clever little shorts prevent friction, are moisture wicking, lightweight and act like a gentle second skin!

They’re perfect to wear under work clothes, evening-wear, skirts and don’t roll down when you move so you can sit, squat, pop, rock and play all day and slayyyyyy! Ok, I’m getting slightly carried away but it’s definitely a YES from me. #yassssqueen Shapewear Short Not too dissimilar from the Anti Chafing Short but slightly more supportive and perfect to wear under those 'special occasion' outfits. These sneaky shorts are soft on the skin, hold you in and can be adjusted so you can wear them under different lengths of clothing.

Wearing WLLY with the Sonsee Shapewear Short

The Sonsee Shapwear Short gives me the smooth lines I love so much! #seamless ​A must have in your wardrobe!

Sonsee Long Sleeve Slip I am IN LOVE with the new Sonsee long sleeve slip! It’s smoothing, sophisticated and doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. You can wear this slip under dresses or style it with your favourite accessories. I wear my slip with the ‘Shapewear Shorts’ for extra support and match it with pair of heels or boots to snaz it up!

Sonsee Long Sleeve Slip

High Back Comfort Bra Sonsee's comfort bra definitely lives up to its name! I wear mine around the house when I don't want to wear a structured bra but also don't want to knock someone out with my freestyle bazookas! #headforcover!

High Back Comfort Bra Shapewear Shorts

The bra gently lifts and supports them without digging in! #purebliss Tights and Stockings I absolutely love the Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights. Prance around this winter feeling mighty fine and worry free! These little babies are one of Sonsee’s original and timeless creations. Good quality stocking that actually fit and don't ladder at the first sight of a hang nail...

Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights High Back Comfort Bra I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve bought ‘XL’ stockings and have had to cut the waist so they didn't cut off my blood supply… I’ve worn Sonsee stockings for years and they are now a staple in my winter wardrobe. Sizing Sonsee have a delightful and refreshing way of naming theirsizes, ranging from a generous size 14 - 28! I wear GORGEOUS size (14-16) and it is a perfect fit for my curvalicious body. You can check out their sizing via the link below. Overall, Sonsee Woman is a high quality, thoughtful and interesting Australian brand dedicated to creating products for curvy women so we can feel absolutely fabulous in every thing we wear! #ilovesonsee​ Tried and tested by Curvy Amelia x FREE Shipping over $75 Made in Italy​ Instagram: @sonsee_woman