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May 8, 2018

Quality Plus-Size Winter Fashion

If you're plus-sized and LOVE your fashion like me,
there’s no reason why you should feel frumpy this Winter.

I know first hand how hard it can be finding flattering winter
outfits for plus-size gals but don't worry,
Curvy Amelia has you covered!

For many years, I struggled to find clothes that
made me feel proud of my body and lost my passion for fashion.
I never want anyone else to feel this way just because they
don't fit the 'standard' clothing sizes. 

My mission is to find unique designers who offer diverse sizing
- tried and tested by me - 
so you can build a wardrobe you can be truly proud of.

Ghita Poncho - Biscotti

This blog is dedicated to one of my favourite plus-size designers,
Pablo & Kat who are dedicated to providing 
high quality fashion for curvy women.

 Each collection has its own charm and a mix of classic
and modern looks that can be carried on season after season.

Paula Lace Trim Skirt

Paula and I are friends...we have a pretty cute relationship.
She makes me feel pretty and I take her out to the bars with me. 
Sometimes, I even wear her to work! 

 It's certainly refreshing to know there's a classic and flattering
skirt for curvy women that won't cut off your blood supply.

Paula Lace Trim Skirt
Dolce Crew Neck Jumper

Marie Trench

This cheeky cherry beauty has all the right lines to give you that sleek winter look. 
Marie is anything but bulky and is perfect to wear over
your knits or even with a sexy black dress!

Layering is a great way to stay stylish and warm while giving
you the freedom to take items off when sipping
your hot chockie in a cosy cafe.

Best of all, there's plenty of room in the back and arm area 
so you can comfortably put your seat belt on or itch your back...

Marie Trench
Cicilia Tailored Palazzo Trouser


Every body loves a turtleneck!
Whether you’re an Austin Powers fan or just like having a
toasty neck - this piece is definitely for you.

Made with 100% merino wool, Fiora is gorgeously soft on the skin
and is long enough for tall humans like me to wear over jeans!

 Fiora Turtle Neck Jumper - Bloodstone

My favourite colour is the 'Bloodstone' because it's still
a ‘safe Melbourne shade’ and makes me feel a little
less guilty about buying everything in black!


Sometimes I just want to feel like a sophisticated Spanish lady….

Ghita Poncho - Spice Red

The Ghita Poncho is a pull on asymmetrical cashmere/cotton mix
that's perfect to throw over a singlet and jeans for 
a feminine look that will keep you toasty and warm!

Best of all, it’s a great piece to wear when you're
not in the mood to show off all your curves.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!
Everything has been designed to be versatile
and true staples in your wardrobe.


Pablo & Kat offer sizes 16 through to 26!

I wear a size 16 which gives me room to move.
Feel free to check out my measurements
to help you with your sizing. 

Pablo & Kat ship internationally and for a limited time are offering 

PLUS Pablo & Kat are passionate about helping
you build your magnificent wardrobe and have offered all
Curvy Amelia readers 10% off!

So, there’s NO excuse for not looking and feeling snug as a bug in a rug
and absolutely fabulous in your Winter clothing this year!


 Kath, the wonderful designer and owner of Pablo & Kat and me. 


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