Travelling with Sonsee

Sonsee Travel Blog I recently went on the biggest Europe trip of my life and it all began here... Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy.

Bellagio, Italy. When I was packing for the trip, I REALLY didn't want to take much. I have horror stories of lugging around a 30kg backpack from my last Euro trip when I was 21 and swore to myself that would NEVER happen again. I needed my outfits to be versatile and 'crush free' but still wanted to feel comfortable and look sophisticated. I know...hard task! But I had a secret weapon... SONSEE WOMAN! Did you know Sonsee’s beautiful garments are actually made in Milano (Milan) just below Bellagio? Every garment is made with high quality materials that allow your body to breathe and be totally flexible, making them the perfect travel buddy. Below are two of my favourite pieces and why I chose to take them on my fabulous European getaway! Long Sleeve Slip Dress I always RAVE about this saucy little number! It is a staple in my wardrobe and I just HAD to take it on my trip because of its versatility. The ‘Sonsee Slip’ is stretchy, durable and extremely diverse. When travelling, I never want to lug around more than I need to and believe it’s important to choose items that can be worn over and over again with different accessories to help make the outfit 'fresh' again.

I often wear my Sonsee Slip Dress with a pair of heels, leather jacket, pair of boots or simply with a cardigan and sandals!

Definitely one for your wardrobe! Sonsee Body Suit The ‘Sonsee Body Suit’ was something I could only dream about when I saw them in stores years ago and I could never find my size! To my delight, Sonsee offer sizes 14-28 and cleverly labels each sizing category with a positive word like 'GORGEOUS' and ' FLAWLESS' so you never have to feel worried about those pesky numbers that play with your head again! I also really love the idea of being able to wear something that doesn’t ride up and can be worn with jeans and skirts.

The body suit is as light as the ‘Sonsee Slip’, dries quickly and doesn’t weigh down your luggage. Best of all, the material is super soft and creates smooth lines!

Travelling with these pieces really did make my life a lot easier and felt absolutely fabulous every time I wore them! #it'sayesfromme I LOVE Sonsee